Brian Scavo lawmaker is helping people, fighting for you!

Brian Scavo lawmaker is helping people, fighting for you!
Brian Scavo

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


NASA Has a Way to Cut Your Flight Time in Half

 The space agency’s supersonic plane design could be quiet enough to lift the long-standing ban on overland travel, if it makes it to production.

For almost a half-century there’s been a clear speed limit on most commercial air travel: 660 miles per hour, the rate at which a typical-size plane traveling at 30,000 feet breaks the sound barrier and creates a 30-mile-wide, continuous sonic boom. The ground-level disturbances that result—shattered windows, cracked plaster, maddened farm animals—have kept supersonic travel mostly off-limits since 1973, when the Federal Aviation Administration banned its useover U.S. soil.
That may be changing. In August, NASA says, it will begin taking bids for construction of a demo model of a plane able to reduce the sonic boom to something like the hum you’d hear inside a Mercedes-Benz on the interstate. The agency’s researchers say their design, a smaller-scale model of which was successfully tested in a wind tunnel at the end of June, should cut the six-hour flight time from New York to Los Angeles in half. NASA proposes spending $390 million over five years to build the demo plane and test it over populated areas. The first year of funding is included in President Trump’s 2018 budget proposal.
Over the next decade, growth in air transportation and distances flown “will drive the demand for broadly available faster air travel,” says Peter Coen, project manager for NASA’s commercial supersonic research team. “That’s going to make it possible for companies to offer competitive products in the future.” NASA plans to share the technology resulting from the tests with U.S. plane makers, meaning a head start for the likes of Lockheed MartinGeneral Dynamics,Boeing, and startups such as Boom Technologyand billionaire Robert Bass’s Aerion.
Lockheed helped create NASA’s design, using fluid dynamics modeling made possible in the past decade or so by increasingly powerful computers. Together, Lockheed and NASA tested and mapped how subtle differences in aircraft shapes affect the supersonic shock waves they create. The design they’ve settled on keeps sound waves from merging into the sharp N pattern of a sonic boom, according to Peter Iosifidis, Lockheed’s design program manager on June’s small-scale model. Instead, the waves are kept dispersed across a wide range of points behind the plane, leaving the resulting supersonics a mere hum.
NASA is targeting a sound level of 60 to 65 A-weighted decibels (dBa), Coen says. That’s about as loud as that luxury car on the highway or the background conversation in a busy restaurant. Iosifidis says that Lockheed’s research shows the design can maintain that sound level at commercial size and his team’s planned demo will be 94 feet long, have room for one pilot, fly as high as 55,000 feet, and run on one of the twin General Electric Co. engines that power Boeing Co.’s F/A-18 fighter jet. “Now you’re getting down to that level where, as far as approval from the general public, it would probably be something that’s acceptable,” he says.
By comparison, the Concorde, that bygone icon of the Champagne-sipping, caviar-scarfing supersonic jet set, had a perceived noise level several times louder, at 90 dBa. The plane’s advent in the 1970s helped lead Congress to pass the overland ban in the first place; its takeoffs and landings generated hundreds of noise complaints and wouldn’t come close to meeting today’s regulations. Partly because of the ban, the Concorde wound up being a money pit for Air France and British Airways and was mothballed in 2003.
Of the three major obstacles to supersonic travel, which also include high carbon emissions and airport engine noise, the boom has been the toughest to clear, Coen says. GE is working on designs that can quiet its engines, including by placing them above a plane’s wings, and NASA has funded an MIT study on ways to address the environmental impact. “Manufacturers will not take the lead in developing an aircraft that they can’t fly,” Iosifidis says. “That’s where NASA said we’ve got to go change the rule, and this is the path to making that happen.”
Don’t pack your bags for a supersonic trip just yet. The fourth major obstacle may be Washington, because the language of the 1973 ban will require the FAA or Congress to explicitly undo it even if technology renders it obsolete.
What’s more, while established aerospace companies, such as General Dynamics Corp., which owns Gulfstream Aerospace, have been researching supersonic jets for years and startups (BoomSpike Aerospace) have reignited interest in solving the technical challenges, all their efforts remain in the planning stages. There’s a lot of work left to be done.
Still, if everything goes as planned, NASA will test the demo plane over as many as six communities beginning in 2022, Coen says. That’s the first step toward appealing to lawmakers and regulators to lift the ban. This time, he says, is different, because the toughest technical challenge has been solved. “We’ve got a lot of support in NASA and the administration and in Congress for making this happen. I’m pretty excited about our prospects.”
(Corrects the perceived difference in noise between the Concorde and NASA’s proposed jet in the sixth paragraph.)
    BOTTOM LINE - NASA and Lockheed say their design makes a supersonic plane as quiet as the inside of a Mercedes on the highway. There’s $390 million up for grabs to make and test a demo.

    Saturday, April 5, 2014

    BRIAN SCAVO vs National Grid


    DONATE HERE  1 of 3
    Albany , New York , Concerned Citizen Brian Scavo called on Governor Andrew Cuomo [Unlink] , Chuck Shumer and Gillabrand and the NYS attorney General to take action against the British billion dollar monopoly National Grid, ,
    The real issue is double billing in New York state, Nation grid the British billion dollar monopoly is charging for supply and delivery which means the same thing slamming the working homeowner crushing the local business people in a 3 state territory . Recently National Grid has doubled and in some cases tripled their bills to home owners in New York state citing that the bad weather for natural gas to fire their gas turbines.  DONATE HERE  
    Not mention their overcharging of home owners recently pointed out by the media. Well let me enlighten you folks this billion dollar British monopoly has had 6 years to get it right, 6 years to develop hydro electric, solar, wind turbine power institutive’s to take the burden off the consumers in the winter and harsh weather months. There is no real competition in upstate New York , no new hydro , solar or wind turbine electric projects in upstate new york this merits investigation. Even the Albany county renewable energy authority has been stalled by Neil Breslin in the NYS senate,
    as a legislator Brian Scavo had the Albany county legislature send the previous governor via a resolution demanding the end of double billing by National Grid.
    We all heard about their wild lavish party’s and corporate waste of National Grid, they even advertise on a local tv station with their Nation Grid cam showing roads and highways and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising and they are a monopoly when they should be using these hundreds of thousands of dollars easing the burden on the consumers of 3 states.
    Hon. Brian Scavo is available for comment 518-4658915       DONATE HERE  
    LegislatorBrianScavo is based in Albany, New York, United States of America, and is a Stringer for Allvoices.  DONATE HERE  
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    Sunday, October 31, 2010


    Legislator BRIAN SCAVO                                                                            DONATE HERE   
    Democrat 7th District
    Phone: 518-465-8915

    Lawmaker Brian Scavo to Neil Breslin ," time to get busy Neil stop playing politic's with this legislation, stop talking nonsense , this economy in upstate New York was built on cheap electricity and cheap gas, right now we don't have either, it's jobs and economic growth for upstate New York , it's been 4 years Neil , do your job for the people of Albany county!"Legislator Brian Scavo, said today DONATE HERE  
    ” Resolution 233 establishing an Albany County Renewable Energy Power Authority, adopted by the Albany County Legislature by unanimous vote, has been stalled in the Assembly and Senate. The Time for Action is now, with the rising cost of utility services in Albany County and being that National Grid a {British holding company} is a monopoly we need Energy Independence for the people of Albany County and upstate New York.
    Albany county had a power authority but it ended in July of 1963.
    This power authority had been able to 1. Acquire ,construct own power plants,2. Provide service. 3.contract within Albany county to provide utility service,4. Investigate the cost of operation of any utility service within any municipality.
    The Albany County Renewable energy Authority would be able to construct and acquire electric generating facilities , purchase power to resell to the citizens of Albany County for the purpose of encouraging business and economic development in Albany County and provide efficient electric service to the people of Albany County from renewable sources and offer prospective employers a discount for the purpose of developing and encouraging economic development within the County.
    This translates into creating jobs and revenue ,economic growth for the people of Albany County.
    “ Lawmaker Scavo also said” this piece of legislation won’t pick the pockets of the Taxpayers of Albany County”.
    For More Information
    call 518-4658915





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